simply gorgeous…

 I had a great time with this little guy and his mommy and daddy. Here are just a couple of my favorites from their awesome session.

The first image I want to share I just ♥ everything about it! The little wrinkles on his forehead, the way he stretched out and totally relaxed onto mommy’s shoulder…… and I also think mom looks a little like a famous actress..any guesses?


I love the tenderness that comes across in this image…..the expressions are heart warming.


one last one…….don’t you just love the little “tuna” hat :-D


Happy Canada Day :-) Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Awwww….love them all! What a sweet heart!!!

  • oh!my!gosh! Your work is stunning!!! Your newborn work is some of the best I have ever seen! :) I have another newborn session tomorrow and you are totally inspiring!

  • Oh my, that first one with the wrinkly forehead! I love it. These are amazing!

  • so beautiful Danna, love the first one! I am guessing Drew Barrymore???

  • These are amazing!!! Really great newborn shots! I love #1 and the last one needs to be on annoucments and big in the house, it’s so perfect!

  • simply gorgeous is right! these are stunning. I guess she looks like drew barrymore as suggested or Katie Holmes.

  • Beautiful images of a beautiful family! Love him in the little hat in the last one!

  • Mom is so beautiful!
    You really captures their new baby very well.

  • Danna

    Thank you :-)

    I think she looks a bit like Rachel Weisz who is absolutely gorgeous…..and is also one of my favorite actresses….

  • I thought Drew also..I LOVE that last image! Sooo cute…makes you want to just snuggle him!

  • Yep, these are all perfection! What lucky parents to have these images captured so beautifully to remember this newborn stage forever.

  • Brandy

    These are all so beautiful! I still think Mom looks like Drew Barrymore!

  • Stunning work! I’d say Drew Barrymore as well :)

  • My guess is Drew Barrymore too. I adore the first one! Sweet little thing!

  • Danna, the Calgary newborns are certainly lucky you’re around! Your work with these tiny little ones is both classic and fresh at the same time. Just flat out gorgeous!

  • Awww, that first image is stunning. Your black and whites are just so lovely and that last image is just perfect!

  • I love that first image, beautiful work as always Danna!

  • Awww, mom looks so proud inthat first one, LOVE IT! Beautiful work.

  • awww absolutely , these are so precious!

  • have i told you today how good you are??? wow – these are fantastic!!!!

  • Awww. . . absolutely perfect! You have captured in a beautiful and tender way, the wonder of this new life. Beautiful.

  • TERRIFIC title, would be accurate for all your work as it is indeed, “simply gorgeous”!

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