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simply put –  they change so fast. Documenting them as they grow is the BEST way to remember them as they were when they were just teeny tiny. Especially in the first year when it seems that almost daily they are different from the day before.

Sweet miss “J”, you have met her before. The last time she graced my blog was only a little over 2 months ago, a mere 60 some odd days but the difference those 2 months have made are huge. She is so alert and active. She smiles and responds when talked to and played with. If you need a reminder of how much changes in just a couple short months revisit her newborn post here.

I thought it would be fun to replicate this pose from her newborn session, it really emphasizes the change in her.

I wanted to incorporate a couple of the items used in her newborn session, to show comparison. One of those items is this knitted wrap. I tried to wrap her up similar to her newborn shot, there was no way that was happening…she was far too busy dancing around to hold still for such nonsensical things :-P

Love how these turned out anyway.

Yeah, so, I am not at all sure what was so funny. Whether she was laughing with me or at me but I thought these images made a super cute storyboard.

Baby J, your awesome! One day you will thank your mama for documenting so well during this first year of your life! See you in a couple months!

  • oh WOW, seriously gorgeous!

  • She is perfection!

  • so beautiful! love that storyboard!!

  • What a great display and wonderful images for the family to show her growing and changing.

  • alice

    LOVE the pics – can’t wait to see the full gallery! We had so much fun with you yesterday. Must have the storyboard!

  • Jenna

    what a pretty baby, she is so happy, and obviously loved.

  • Awww, my she is just simply perfect. Love these.

  • Lovely. I really enjoy seeing how babies change within that first year. Such important milestones.

  • Oh my…she is a doll! That storyboard is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. Beautiful images!

  • Mary

    so so sweet, I love the full length shot and the big smiley one under it. She is sucha pretty baby.

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