Canadian Country Music Awards

So, if you are in Canada, and a big country music fan you probably watched the CCMA’s last Sunday Sept. 12th. If you were watching closely you may have recognized some of the faces that appeared during George Canyon’s performance of “I believe in angels”. I was contacted by the woman producing the show a couple weeks back asking if I would be interested in talking about providing some images for use during that particular song. It is a beautiful song, truly beautiful, so of course I was interested. What an honor, and it was really cool to get to see in person, I do have to admit :-D

Here are some photos taken during the performance, there was no cameras allowed as it was being taped live so these were taken by my husband on his blackberry with permission from security right beside us.

I have a full video of the performance and will be posting that on my facebook page very soon, so if you want to see the whole thing pop on over there to have a look :-)

You can also purchase select performances from the CCMA”s on itunes at this link.

  • So cool danna. You’re amazing!

  • wow – how cool!!!

  • What a honor Danna! Gorgeous and Congrats to you!

  • virginia

    Wow, Danna what an honour! Did you have trouble picking which images to send them?

  • Thats awesome! Well deserved!

  • Mary

    wow that is the coolest thing ever, so deserved as you are really amazing at what you do and its so nice to see you getting such great recognition for your talents.

  • Dawn Roberts

    SO cool! Those look beautiful. Congratulations!

  • what an honor!! congrats!! you are full of talent Danna!

  • Oh girl that is awesome!! what an honor and so well deserved!

  • What an amazing honor and how fun to see your images viewed by so many! Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Awesome! A huge congratulations Danna!

  • I get chills!!! Just so amazing – I am SO PROUD of you Danna! What an incredible thing to be included with the likes of the CCMA’s & all the talent that is there. You are amazing!!! xoxo!

  • I’m so proud of you!!! I taped the CCMA”s just to watch this! It was so cool.

  • OMG how exciting! That is just amazing. You must feel so proud :)

  • How cool to have your pics showcased this way! Totally well deserved, but still really cool! Congrats!

  • wow…what an honor!

  • Jolene W.

    Oh no way!!! We watched that, I saw the pictures and took notice of how awesome they were. I can’t believe they were yours…that is amazing. Congratulations. I bet you get lots of work out of it.

  • Nina pomeroy

    How exhilarating to see your work like that! Congrats!

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