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I don’t think I have the words to describe how much I LOVED this session. It was wonderful to shoot a session that focused on a mommy and her baby and the special bond they share. I think every single mom out there should have a session like this. We as mothers are usually the ones who document the family and as a result are in far too few pictures with our children.

When Claire let me know that it was just to be her and Liam at this session, and that we would do a family session a little later I immediately started thinking about what I wanted to do. I had it in my mind that I wanted to create some light and soft images that emphasized that special bond between a mother and her child. Claire was up for letting me do what I wanted and I am so grateful, because these are some of my most favorite images to date. Liam was a blast! He is 7 months here, and was born 2 months premature…he has done his catching up I would say! I don’t know that I have met a baby with a bigger smile…oh and he can flirt, let me tell you, this little guy will wrap any woman around his finger! lol

So, for you Claire, a small sample of the images we created of you and your beautiful boy.

Thank you Claire & Liam, it was so much fun getting to know you and photograph you. I so look forward to seeing you again.

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  • Stunning! I love the soft feel to these. So pretty.

  • Claire

    I love these! So pleased to finally have shots of Liam with me! It’s true, I’m usually the photographer at home! Thanks for the fun shoot!

  • These are so gorgeous! I love the feel of them. You’ve outdone yourself… If that’s even possible… :)

  • Auntie Trudy

    These pictures are and will be forever,cherished memories!!
    Terrific photographer. Beautiful subjects!! Thanks for sharing, Clairsie!!

  • tatiana wagner-ruygrok

    I KNEW I recognized those rolls! What a gorgeous pudgster! & Claire you are stunning! Beautiful pictures Danna. t.

  • fantastic images — as always. I just love the connection you captured and applaud this Mom for taking the time to do this.

  • the light is so soft and dreamy… I can see why these would be your favourite images!! absolutely gorgeous!

  • What a cute session.They will love these.

  • April Parcher

    Need to see the rest… and of course purchase a few .. great pictures

  • Oh, he is so CUTE! Look at those rolls on his arms – adorable!

  • Carol

    These photos all have a beautiful FEEL to them. Claire looks beautiful, and Liam’s expressions and little “Stay Puft” arms make me giggle.

  • Shirley Watkins

    Beautiful baby & Mom of course. The little hat is unexpected and so “gangsterish” but Liam pulls it off! My favourite would have to be the fur throw – everyone should have a picture taken naked on a fur.

  • Kendall

    Love these photos of you two. Great timing with the camera.

  • Ashley

    Amazing Pictures!!! I love the one of him in the furry bowl!! and well all of them! And Im with Aunty Carol about the Stay puft look!! love the his little rolls!

  • Dale Parcher

    Gorgeous & handsome… great pictures

  • These pictures are beautiful. They capture the expressions I’ve seen in real life perfectly.

  • Great Auntie Lorna

    That is one cute baby!! He is a lucky boy to have such a beautiful and devoted Mom! You captured the bond between them.

  • I like them all! And I love the pic on the ottoman, Liam looks like he is mischievious! And the pic on the floor with the hat is so “I am going to dance here later with a lot of style”. Claire, beautiful as always! I particularly like the light in the first pic of C&L. <3 k

  • Peggy


  • Favorite 2nd cousin Codi

    AWE he is soooo sweet!! Good thing he looks like his mom ;) Love the pics

  • So heartwarming. Their bond just shines through. And I LOVE his hat! What a cutie!

  • These are just superb.

  • love these, Danna. I have to say that the baby has so much personality- the hat pic is too cute!

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