james “calgary newborn portraits”

Meet James on day 4. What a cute baby, and so super cuddly, I definitely got my fix with him. James’ mom is another local photographer. I love getting to meet colleagues and its really such an honor and a compliment to have them choose me to help them capture these moments in their lives.

I am sharing this image because it makes me laugh. Even at 4 days old James was quite insistent on what he preferred. Being curled up in a ball with his legs under him was not an option as far as he was concerned. He would just kick his little legs out and stick his feet in the air! lol

Thanks for a really great session Shannon and Steve. It was nice to hang out and chat with you :)


  • Jen

    What awesome pictures! And he’s so pudgy and cute even at 4 days old. Congrats Shannon and Steve on finally getting your little man!

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