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Its time for another BLOG CAROUSEL. During the fall busy season we had to take a break from the carousel in order to keep up with all our client work. I am really glad that we are back at it, I look forward to the challenge each month.

If you are not familiar with what a blog carousel is let me explain. This is a monthly event. The purpose of these posts is more personal. These are exercises to get us doing something for ourselves and to push ourselves in a different way. Its for fun and personal exploration, that’s it! Each month we have a theme and we will photograph or find images that, for us, represent that theme. At the end of my post you will find the link to the next person in this carousel, please be sure to check out her post and leave a little love. Also if you want to play along feel free to post your own versions on your blogs with a little info on what your doing and then you can come leave your link in the comment section below so I can be sure to check out your post too.

This month our theme is mystery macro. My macro images may not be much of a mystery. I am sure many will recognize what my macro images are of but I enjoyed creating them and like them a lot better than I thought I would. Macro can be quite a challenge.

Any guesses yet?

and because I was conflicted about whether I liked the b&w or color version of this one better, I decided to add them both. Which do you prefer?

Was it really obvious? I think the third image probably gave it away. I love Lavender, smelling it and looking at it.

Next up in the carousel is Dena, Grand Rapids Michigan Photographer.

Be sure to head over to her blog and see what she came up with. Her images are always stunning.

  • Beautiful macro captures!
    I love lavender! I can almost smell the scent from viewing these photos. I do think I prefer the color version but that is because it makes me think of lavender. In the bw I could not tell it was lavender.

  • jeanne

    these are soooooo cool!! I would hang these on my wall! What is the first one?

  • oh! The purple should have given it away in the first photograph but it took me until the last two to figure it out. I am impressed. That is a tine little thing to focus on!

  • Danna

    Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you for your comment. The first image is of the very bottom of the stem :)


  • Lovely! I didn’t figure it out til I read the comments! I love lavendar, have some in my garden even (which I clearly don’t visit much in the winter, since I didn’t recognize these!!)

  • Just beautiful. Love the clean starkness of the background. It really makes it stand out.

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