Celebrating Mothers, 2018

Pre-booking for my NINTH annual Celebrating Mothers mini sessions is well under way. Leaving only a handful of session times left open.



Collection Options



The Details

WHO are these sessions for?


All mothers! – Expecting mothers, new mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, generations.

WHAT is the focus of these sessions?

The idea behind these sessions is to keep the images ultra simple. My focus is on you and the special bond you share with your children. These are relationship based images. This years sessions will have a light, bright and airy feel to them. I will provide some simple props such as wraps, and flowers, floral wreaths. We will use simple, natural posing that really focuses on the relationship between you and your children. You will be responsible for your own clothing and jewelry choices.
The session guide that you will receive before your session, will give you clothing ideas and suggestions.

WHY just sessions for moms?

Often times it is the moms job to be the chief picture taker in most families. We are not in nearly enough images with our children as a result of that. These session focus on capturing images of mom and those she loves most. The goal of these sessions is to take away all distractions and focus on the relationship between a mother and her child(ren). We will create beautiful, timeless images celebrating that love.

WHERE do the sessions take place?

This year these sessions will be taking place in studio, located in the Marda Loop area. There is plenty of free public parking available.

May 5
***If you are booking Collection Five, you have the option to have your session at an alternate location, on an alternate date. What this means is, if you prefer to have the session in your own home, or outdoors (when weather permits), rather than on the scheduled date, that will be accommodated.
This only applies to Collection 5.***


1) Email me your collection preference

2) Include your time of day preference (eg, morning, late morning, early afternoon or late afternoon)

3) If May 5th does not work for you, and you are choosing collection 1-4, let me know if you would like to be notified of an alternative date, should one be added.

3) If choosing collection 5 indicate whether you want the session on May 5th or an alternate date.

EMAIL: bowesphotography@shaw.ca
PHONE: 403 966 7917

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